#BeroeanLikes: Stars – Skillet

11 February 2017
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Skillet are a band who know how to move with the times. Back in 2003 they released Collide, a nu-metal album from the same year as Linkin Park’s Meteora. In 2009 they released the Alternative Rock Awake, which might have had a greater metal influence than Paramore’s Brand New Eyes, but still hit upon another resurgence in people’s taste for something heavier than the offerings of pop. They have released a total of 10 albums, each time evolving their style but retaining their loyalty to their grunge and metal roots.

This re-released single Stars, for the upcoming March film release of The Shack, however, strips everything down to a bare acoustic sound, and features John and Jen’s harmonies in softer tones than their classic, aggressive, duets of the past ten years. There’s always been a strong Christian message in Skillet’s songs – the main single from the aforementioned Collide was Saviour, written as an appeal from Jesus’ perspective, and Awake documents a Christian’s battle against the pressures of sin from inside and outside – and this is no different. It articulates the confidence we can have in the God, because he made everything and so is big enough to deal with everything, and expresses the wonder that such a great being takes an interest in the small matter of our lives.

Stars is the first song that Beroean Magazine Online recommends (hereafter, #BeroeanLikes)! You can also listen to the album version here . Don’t forget to check out the rest of Skillet’s music too!

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