Member Directory

A member of the Church of God in Leigh, Anna is a freelance textiles designer and is often working on a number of projects. If you ever come across Anna at a church conference or youth event, it's likely that she'll be laughing or causing those around her to burst into fits of laughter; whether this is because she's actually funny or is just plain weird is for you to decide.

Kemi is a member of the Church of God in Middlesbrough and works as a pharmacist at a local hospital. She is a perpetual student and if you ask her she has probably just enrolled on to some course or the other. When she is not studying, she spends a lot of time playing BeatSaber, sleeping or moving her houseplants around the flat into the ‘best’ light.

A member of the Church of God in Belfast, Stephen works for one of the local universities in the research & enterprise department. In his downtime, he enjoys reading (mostly his bible) and spending time with his family. He also manages an Instagram account featuring premium bibles (@apertureandverse).

Pippa Woods is a member of the Church of God in Manchester and enjoys reading and writing (this helps her in her role as the #BeroeanLikes editor). Her sporting "excellence" can be seen in the forced fun activities at NW Teen Camp the summer. In the future she'd like to work in a profession that benefits others.

Currently, Elaine is a Diamond and Watch Advisor for a large high street jewellers. She likes it partly for the real life love stories and partly for the shiny things. You’re most likely to find her with a can of Diet Coke in hand. Elaine is with the Church of God in Manchester and is also an un-ironic hand-raiser (she apologises for this if you’ve ever been stood behind her!)

A member of the Church of God in Cromer, Charlotte works in business support for her local county council and studied French & German at university. When she's not editing for Beroean, she enjoys travelling around the world.

David is an evangelist and full-time teacher in the Churches of God, having worked in business & sales before he heard God's call into full-time ministry. David is involved in youth work in his local Church of God in Manchester and the churches in the North West of England and is often called to use his musical gift to lead times of worship & praise at national and international conferences. He also enjoys drinking coffee in his free time.