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#BeroeanLikes: Build My Life – Pat Barrett

6 July 2019

Recently, I’ve been listening to the song Build My Life by Pat Barrett. It’s on a number of playlists that I listen to on Spotify. This song really speaks to me, because it’s sharing the message that Jesus is the only one who we should build our lives on. The world tells us that it’s better to build our lives on material wealth, money, our family, our friends, but at the end of the day, those things are unreliable and they can fail us. Jesus is the only one who won’t ever fail us.

One of my favourite lines in the song, and the line which is the song title goes “and I will build my life upon your love, it is a firm foundation, and I will put my trust in you, O Lord and I will not be shaken.” This song reminds me of the story of the wise and foolish builders (Matt. 7:24-27). Jesus taught that you should build your life on the solid rock, which is Jesus himself. These words really encourage and reassure me that Jesus can be trusted to sustain us throughout our lives and he is the one and only person who we can and should build our lives upon.

Hannah Jones, The Church of God in Toronto

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