#BeroeanLikes: Come To Me – Bethel Music

29 April 2017
©℗ 2012 Bethel Music / Distributed in the USA by EMI Christian Music Group / Marketed by Kingsway

In recent years, international mega churches have become more and more prominent in Christian music charts (yes, those are a thing). Often, the lyrics make bold, poetic commitments that sound lovely but in reality are far beyond where we are with Jesus. By singing those words, we trivialise what should be a raw, sincere moment. We downplay the gravitas – singing some nice tunes to ourselves instead of meeting and communicating with our almighty King. These expressions of worship easily fade into songs to just have on. Solomon, in Ecclesiastes 5: 1-7 warns against this way of interacting with God.

Come To Me, with Jenn Johnson on lead vocals, offers something very different. Jenn’s warm vocal tone express the earnestness of the words being sung; both the longing and the promises. Instead of offering reflections and proclamations in varying degrees of commitment, the lyrics are written from God’s perspective. It’s God declaring He is all we need, He is our strength even when we feel He’s far away. It’s Him calling us in. And by drawing near to listen, by simply taking in these words, we might find ourselves in a moment of true worship.

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