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#BeroeanLikes: Hindsight – Hillsong Young & Free

10 April 2019
Official audio for Hindsight from our new album III. (YouTube)

I love this song because the message is all about having faith for the future in our unchanging, steadfast God.

Hillsong Young & Free are the youth worship team at Hillsong Church and are one of three worship groups at Hillsong. Their music tends to be more upbeat and contemporary than the other two groups but the biblical message is just as strong.

Hindsight tells us about the faithfulness of God and that through trials he will never leave our side. He will “pull me from the deep” and is the “fourth within the flames”. The first time I listened to this song, I misheard this line for ‘the force within the flames’ but when I looked up the lyrics I was really pleased to see how they had used a wonderful example of complete trust within the song (Daniel 3). We probably won’t be thrown into a furnace for standing up for our faith these days, but we might be made to feel scared because of it, like they were, which is what the lyrics mean by “when the furnace finds my faith…”. When I’m in the modern day “furnace” I remember I have someone by my side who has always been by my side and always will be by my side!

“My God isn’t finished yet,
If he did it before he can do it again
So I’ll trust him with what comes next!”

Genevieve Schleyer, The Church of God in Liverpool

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