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#BeroeanLikes: Living Hope – Phil Wickham

13 June 2019

Living hope has been a song I’ve really enjoyed during worship recently. It also one the first song I learnt and played publicly in a church service and I really felt empowered playing it. The verses themselves go through the problem of our sin, and the solution of the salvation work of Jesus, (our living hope) dying for us. This is interspaced with a chorus reminding us to sing praise to the one who set us free and who is our living hope.

On a bad day or just when something gets us down, playing this song, especially a live version, really is a joy booster! Sometimes we seem to forget in our praise that the cross isn’t the end of what Jesus has done for us, but ‘Living Hope’ takes us beyond that to his resurrection and what that means for us today.  Not only do we have a saviour who gave his life on the cross, but one who is also now alive in heaven preparing a place for us. It’s a wonderful hope we have as Christians that one day the praise and thanks we give here and now we will be able to offer face to face with Christ in paradise.

James Willis, The Church of God in Swindon

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