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#BeroeanLikes: Though You Slay Me – Shane & Shane, feat. John Piper

10 August 2019
Though You Slay Me (with John Piper) by Shane & Shane

Job’s story is one of unbelievable faithfulness, hope and trust. Job lost everything in this life through devastating circumstances but his strength was found in God so he did not lose hope. Job 13:15 is the verse echoed throughout this song which reads “though he slay me, yet I will hope in him”.

One of the songwriters, Shane Bernard, said that the inspiration for this song was his being in a place of great pain and inexplicable joy: his father had died from a heart attack but with a Job-like attitude, his mother could sing “he gives and he takes, he takes, blessed be the name [of the Lord]”. This is the attitude of biblical peace and joy, the peace and joy that is not dependent on life circumstances but on the never changing, ever faithful, person of God. You can watch the interview here.

The song is an encouragement that in all inevitable struggles of life, our God is greater and the ever present help. Therefore, we can say “yet I will hope in him”.

Rebecca Osbourne, The Church of God in Glasgow

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