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#BeroeanLikes: Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me

28 September 2019
“Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me” recorded live at St Paul’s Castle Hill.

September, as the first month in the academic calendar, is often a month of particular motivation and hard work as a new year of activity begins. “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me”, by Cityalight is a song I have been enjoying recently and I think its message is a good thing to be reminded of as we start the new year. I believe it is pertinent in two particular situations: when we find ourselves struggling to accomplish goals, reach expectations and meet deadlines; and conversely, when we are successful, in control and strong.

When we are struggling with the pressures of life, as Christians we are given the amazing gift of being able to look to Christ, finding strength in him and realising we don’t need to carry our own burdens but can give them to the Lord. ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13). Equally, when we are in a season of success it is important to be reminded to be humble: that our victories are not purely because of our own abilities but because of the constant provision, equipping and care God provides for his children.

Oh how and strange and divine, I can sing: all is mine! Yet not I but through Christ in me.”

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