Faith Welfare Trust: Questions Answered

Beroean team member Charlotte Hickling spoke to Helen Midda from the Church of God in Liverpool to find out more about the work that FWT does.

Faith Welfare Trust is a Christian charity that provides a home and education for deprived children in India. Beroean team member Charlotte Hickling spoke to Helen Midda from the Church of God in Liverpool to find out more about the work that FWT does. Helen is a trustee of the charity.

What does Faith Welfare Trust do?

“Faith Welfare Trust is a charity working in South India to provide a secure, loving Christian environment and education for destitute children. It was set up over 25 years ago and supports the two Nambikkai Illam homes for girls and boys near Chennai, South India and Faith School in Andhra Pradesh. Children aged 4–18 live in a safe environment with a Christian ethos and are educated locally, while Faith School has 300 students and offers free places and nutritious lunches to needy children.”

How has FWT helped children in India?

“There are many stories of children that have been helped by FWT over the past 25 years. Some examples are Samson and his brother, both orphans, who came to Nambikkai Illam as young boys. Samson spent the next 12 years growing up at Nambikkai Illam, completing his degree in 2014, and is now a pastor in Chennai.

Another story is that of Nasira, who lives in a slum in Rajahmundry: by attending Faith School Nasira receives a wholesome meal each day along with education in English, increasing her chances of escaping the poverty trap.”

How can the readers of Beroean help?

“FWT is still working hard to raise extra funds so we can continue to help the children who depend on our support. Here are some ways you can help:

1. Donate money

A donation of £50 will give a child a year of teaching and free lunches at Faith School or enable one of our most vulnerable children to live for a month in the Nambikkai Illam homes. But if you can’t afford that, you should still give what you can, as even a small donation can go a long way. You can make donations online by visiting our donation page.

2. Donate your special event

By donating money from your next birthday or Christmas to FWT, you can make these events really count. Your friends will know that, instead of presents, they can give hope to children who desperately need a new chance in life.

3. Raise money as you shop

By shopping via the Easy Fundraising website, whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be collecting free donations for Faith Welfare Trust. Just go to the website to find out more at our Easy Fundraising page.

4. Plan a fundraising event

Why not hold a special event like a dessert evening or curry night? FWT have a slideshow with voice-over which you can use to share about the good work that FWT do.”

Have a look at the Faith Welfare Trust’s website for more information.

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